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1. They are not dogs:

Cats are not dogs, they can be anything but not dogs so don’t treat them like they are dogs. Dogs are able to socialise with humans since they have been with us for a long time but in case of cats it is a different case. Cats always want your attention just like dogs but it is not necessary that they will give you too unlike dogs.  Sometimes they will like to remain alone so let them be it is just in their nature.


2. Be patient:

It will take time for them to love you , so be patient. Don’t smother them and try to find out what they like and don’t like. Avoid shouting and give them space. Don’t be clingy and stick with them all the time, sometime they want to live in solitary. Don’t expect that they will be fond of you the moment you own then, it is going to take a lot of time , love , and care.


3. Food:

It is said that the road to man’s heart is from his stomach, well it is also applied on cat’s heart. A good food to a cat will decide your  relation with the little one and every cat have a favourite food so try your hard and find it as early as you can.


4. Comfortable environment:

Cats will not be able to socialise if their environment is not peaceful and calm. Don’t start acting like you’ve known them for years. pat them, make them comfortable, make them purr and take care of their needs. try to make them used to you and allow them to explore your home and make sure that they don’t run away from you. Take care of essential needs like water, food and scratching post.


5. Pet your cat when it allows you to:

don’t start petting them whenever you want cause they are not dogs and they will not welcome you always. pet them only then when they are inviting you. You have to make them purr not anxious and afraid. Try to not look as a threat and always shows a friendly gesture to them so that they can invite you to touch them. Cats are judgy so if they start thinking you as a threat then it will be hard to change their minds so never ever force yourself onto them.


6. Avoid punishments:

Cats are independent animals so most of time they will do things which you wouldn’t like. But even then you have to be calm with them rather than shouting and yelling . Just like I’ve said before cats are judgy so if they think of you as a meany then they will start creating a distance and sometimes they can leave too. oh well I didn’t mention striking cause by any chance if you strike them then do need to leave you and well you don’t deserve them.


I conclude my story right here and I hope that I’ve helped you all.