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If you are also one of those people who thinks “what is so good about dogs” or “it’s just a dog” or maybe you guys just don’t know WHY HAVING DOGS?. I can help you actually I will help you!! So here the thing I’m gonna give all of you 7 reasons of WHY HAVING DOGS?.


  1. (Mood off) not a big deal for a dog.


They are hell cute, sometimes they can just be the cutest being in the world. Actually there are not even words to describe how cute a dog can be. So if you are stressed out, having a bad day or a mood off, that will not be a big deal for your lovable pet dog to handle. They can change your mood in minutes, they can change you from your miserable you to the happy you.

2. Man’s best friend (books) nah they are dogs.


Dogs are the most faithful, loyal and true hearted animals. With being extremely intelligent they are able to understand people’s emotions and feelings and hence they act accordingly. Because dogs have this great sense of smell, sight and hearing they’ve helped humans multiple times even if it costed their life. So how can anyone deny that they are not man’s best friend.

3. Dogs can help you in preventing heart diseases.

yes you heard correctly dogs can prevent heart diseases, So if personal reasons are not enough how about a scientific reason for you to buy a dog. Scientists proved that people who owns dogs have lower blood pressure and they are mentally more healthy than people who don’t have dogs.

4. They can be your family member.

Most of the families don’t treat their dogs as a pet rather they treat them as a family member. Some treat them as their son while some treat the as a sibling, but it is good to have a family member close to us.

5. Dogs make their owners more healthy.

Every dog needs healthy diet and exercise to remain healthy, exercises like daily walk and running are essential for them. So to make your dog run, the owner have to run too which leads to making owner and dog both fit and health

6. Dogs can prevent children’s allergies.



Recent studies shows that dogs can reduce children’s allergies and help them to develop stronger immune system. The following result was found in journal of allergy and clinical immunology.

7. You still need more????