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Birds Gray Parrot

Avian Pet Parrots Species Available

Price On Call

  • Avian Pet Parrots Species Available


Price : Price On Call
Type : Sell
Date : December 20, 2023
Condition : Adult
Location : Tehran

As a group of breeders, we pride ourselves in the manner in which we raise our babies especially the endangered species. We provide each baby bird with the individualized care and attention that is needed to become a happy, relaxed, and well-adjusted pet. We raise only a limited number of babies at a time, which enables us to provide them with the necessary one on one attention they need. Below is the list of the pet parrot birds species we hand rear mostly for conservation purposes;

Macaws Species

Blue & gold macaws

Hyacinth macaws

Scarlet macaws

Green wing macaws

African Congo greys

Timneh Congo grey

Amazons Species

Yellow napped


Blue front Amazon

Cockatoo Species

Umbrella cockatoo

Mollouccan cockatoo

Black palm cockatoo

Toco Toucans



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