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Banana Spider Ball Pythons


  • Banana Spider Ball Pythons


Price : $200.00(Fixed)
Type : Sell
Date : June 26, 2020
Condition : Baby
Location : Wyomissing, PA, USA

**When contacting please ask for Ryder. Texting is preferred and usually gets a faster response time**

I have an ongoing breeding project going and still have 2 males in need of a home.

Both are the product of a Pastel Yellow belly / Banana Spider pairing, and due to the light color of the banana its rather hard to 100% place if they have the subtle yellow belly or pastel traits or not. Pastel banana pythons do not have the green eyes like other pastel morphs. And spider gene often erases some of the yellowbelly tells for example. In any case the spiders are not part of my goal, so i don’t plan to hold them back to confirm the genetics, however their are fair odds they have at least one of the secondary morphs.

Both will be a year old on the July 4th 2020, I have full birth records for them both and can answer any questions you might have.
Provided picture is one of the pair, the other is about to shed at the moment so the picture is a poor representation. I will update it here as soon as hes finished.

**Spider Pythons all have ‘head wobble’ and these are no exception. Their parent at several years old only shows it when he’s in a high stress state, and both of the for sale pythons have showed a marked decrease in appearance of wobble as they age. Neither have had any trouble eating or behaving normally due to their wobble.


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