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Kitten (6 Months)


  • Kitten (6 Months)
  • Kitten (6 Months)
  • Kitten (6 Months)
  • Kitten (6 Months)
  • Kitten (6 Months)


Price : $250.00(Negotiable)
Type : Sell
Date : September 30, 2020
Condition : Baby
Location : 2215 Fairvision Dr

His name is Kit Kit he responds to his name pretty well. He’s 6 months old going on 7. He’s sweet when he wants to be lol. He is friendly tho he does bite a lot tho and doesn’t scratch that often unless your playing with him he may do it on accident. He likes playing peek-a-boo and he sleeps a lot and eats a lot. He has some toys, brush, scratch post, litter, litter box, food, harness and leash if u wanna walk him. He loves to go outside and sniff busted and climb trees he will eventually come back home to eat or sleep tho. He just recently started getting flees from going into the bushes all the time we remove them when we give him a bath and he doesn’t like those to much but will sit their its just when its time to get out he starts fighting lol. We haven’t gotten s chance to get him anything to get rid of the fleas yet tho. He does shed but if u wash and brush him it won’t be much of an issue. He will sleep next to you and loves to get scratched on his neck. And he loves getting treats in the mornings that freshens his breath. He’s a sweet, kind, funny, and fun loving kitten. If u have any more questions about him feel free to contact me at my number (480)-930-3554 It would be better to shoot me a***** cuz I work. 


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