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Price : £200.00(Negotiable)
Type : Sell
Date : August 21, 2018
Condition : Baby
Location : Liverpool, UK

Liverpool England


10months old.

Vaccinated + chipped.

Collie x Bullmastiff (we were told, but unsure)

Male, not done.

Some of his past: 

We got him as a Christmas gift for our little boy from his grandmother (we did not plan on having a dog at all, but we still decided to see if we can make it work)

He was the smallest from his litter.

Through out the last 5months he had 2 lower intestine operations as he ate a foreign object.

Right- we are looking to find a loving home for our Bear. Im gonna be very straight a truthful of why we are rehoming him. He is a very nervous dog, he cant go out on walk because he misbehaves. We tried a lot of discipline methods but we just cant manage and we dont have that kind of money for a trainer and the time as we have a baby and im soon to start my education. He is afraid of bigger dogs than him so he can get a bit aggressive but he is 100% ok with small dogs. He loves people and children. He will jump though and he is a big boy so i would recommend children over 7/8 only. He does bark alot when he meets new people, once he sees them and hes pet he loves the attention. He is destructive so we keep him in the kitchen that way he is free to go in and out of the garden. He is trained to use the toilet in the garden but because of his operation he cant have food later than 6pm or he will have an accident in the house over night. He listens to come here, sit and paw.

We really want whats best for him and that is an experienced owner. Please dont be harsh we are only young adults, we just weren’t prepared for a dog.

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