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Why Cats Fight : 8 Common Triggers for Cat Fights

Why Cats Fight : 8 Common Triggers for Cat Fights are:

  • Inter-male aggression: Unneutered male cats may fight over mating rights or dominance.
  • Defensive aggression: A scared cat may attack if approached or cornered.
  • Territory: A cat may defend its space from another cat that it perceives as an intruder.
  • Pecking order: Some cats may bully the lowest-ranking cat in the group, such as a sick or old cat.
  • Redirected aggression: A cat may lash out at another cat or a person if it is frustrated by something else, such as a cat outside the window.
  • Playing rough: Play between cats can sometimes get too intense and turn into a fight.
  • Environmental changes: A change in the home, such as moving furniture or litter boxes, can stress out the cats and cause them to fight.
  • Social maturity: A young adult cat may challenge another cat for ranking status in the household.

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