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How to Leash Train a Dog

How to Leash Train a Dog

Be patient and positive. Leash training takes time and consistency, so don’t expect your dog to be perfect right away. Reward your dog with treats, praise, or play when he does something you like.

Introduce the collar and leash. Let your dog get used to wearing a collar or harness and a leash in the house first. Make it a fun and rewarding experience by playing with him or giving him treats while he wears them.

Teach a cue. Choose a sound or a word that means “food is coming” or “good job”. Use this cue to get your dog’s attention and reward him when he looks at you or comes to you.

Start walking indoors. Practice walking with your dog on a leash in a quiet and distraction-free area, such as a hallway or a room. Use the cue to call your dog to you and reward him for following you. Keep the sessions short and end them on a positive note.

Take it outside. When your dog is comfortable walking on a leash indoors, you can try it outside. Start in a low-traffic area, such as your backyard or a park. Use the cue to keep your dog’s focus on you and reward him for walking nicely. If he gets distracted or pulls, stop and wait for him to calm down before continuing.

Gradually increase the difficulty. As your dog gets better at walking on a leash, you can challenge him by going to different places, changing directions, adding distractions, or increasing the distance. Always set your dog up for success by going at his pace and rewarding his good behavior.

Troubleshoot common problems. If your dog misbehaves on the leash, such as barking, jumping, biting, or lunging, don’t yank or drag him. Instead, try to redirect his attention with the cue or a toy, or move away from the source of the problem. You can also consult a professional trainer if you need more help.

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