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” What greater gift than the love of a cat.”

“Cats are arrogant , Cats are witty , they are so full of  themselves.” But here is the question why they wouldn’t be, I mean these creatures are little but not mere. They belong to Felidae category of species, yeah the same one in which tigers, leopards and lions belong to, So being prideful is just in their blood.



Cats are not fully domestic animals so it is hard to pet them, But if anyone is thinking that it is impossible to make them faithful then you are wrong. Cats are totally able to love and respect their owner, yeah it does take a lot of time and care but their love is worth it. It is hard but not impossible.


Since cats are generally arrogant and witty-wishy they do want your attention most of the time. So if you ignore them and act coldly around them then get ready cause they can do better. Unlike other pets who don’t have any rich history, cats are different. They were worshipped like a goddesses in ancient cultures like that of a egypt and not just that the penalty for injuring or killing a cat were severe.


kittens are one of the most beautiful animals that we have around us and all those arrogancy just increases their beautifulness so rather then cursing them for it how about we praise them and love them until they love us the same way we do.


I conclude my topic right here and in the next one i’m gonna tell you 6 ways to make a cat fall for you.